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1 Trick To Make YOUR Woman Squirt (Technique Demonstrated In Video Below On Female Model)‏

Making Any Girl Squirt





Follow these steps…

#1 – Grab some headphones

#2 – Go somewhere where you won’t be disturbed

#3 – Watch this video which includes a full UNCENSORED demonstration of how to give a woman an intense squirting orgasm…
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OK. I want to share a simple principle that DIRECTLY affects the quality of your sex life.

This simple principle is this…

What you focus on expands.

To put it another way…

Whatever you spend most of your time thinking about, you’ll get more of.

Now what does that seemingly general statement actually mean?

Well it means that if you focus on problems and what’s NOT working in your life – what will you get more of?

Problems and challenges.

If on the other you hand you focus on what you’re grateful for and what’s working in your life – what will you get more of?

Happiness and positive results.


Because your mind moves towards and expands whatever you consistently focus on.

squirting orgasm shortcutsIs it around the things that aren’t working out?

That’s why negative and pessimistic people rarely live happy lives.

And that’s why positive and optimistic people tend to live very happy lives.

Whatever you focus on grows.

Isn’t it true?

If you spend all your time thinking about all the things you’re grateful for you’re going to feel a lot better about your life than if you focus on the things that aren’t working out.

And this is true no matter what the “actual” state of your life is.

If you’re successful, rich, good looking and have a great family but you constantly focus on what’s NOT working out, you’re not going to be happy.

Yet if you don’t have much money, you aren’t good looking and you’ve recently faced some challenges within your family, but you constantly focus on what IS great (and trust me, once you make a habit out of it – there’s a LOT to be happy about no matter what challenges you’re facing) you’re going to feel happy.

Why am I sharing all of this?

Because the same is true of your sex life.

So let me ask you a question.

What is your dominant focus around sex?

female ejaculationIs it around the things that aren’t working out?

Are you focussed on the challenges you’re experiencing in your sex life?

Are you focussed on what’s MISSING from your sex life?

If you are then that could be why you’re not fully satisfied.

Now yes, there is a time and place to focus on problems so you can fix them.

I’m not telling you to stick your head in the sand and act like things are fine when they’re not.

But rather than spending all day worrying about and focusing on a problem – instead set aside 30 minutes to an hour with a notepad and pen and come up with a strategic plan to solve it so that after that dedicated slot of time you leave focusing on the SOLUTION.

And when it comes to sex – start focusing on what you want more of.

If you want more sex – instead of focusing on the sex you’re not getting, start focusing on the sexual aspects of your relationship.

As you look for more sexual moments with your lover you’ll find that your sex life naturally expands over time.

If you want to give your lover more pleasure – instead of focusing on your limitations such as not lasting long enough or not getting hard enough, start focusing on HER pleasure.

When you focus on her pleasure you’ll find your own sexual skills naturally grow and that you’ll be inspired overcome your own limitations from a place of abundance rather than pessimism.

Okay, I’ve been writing for a while so that’s enough from me today, but I hope you take this lesson to heart…

The people who suffer the most don’t suffer because their life, relationship or lover is the problem, it’s because they dwell on what’s NOT working, rather than expanding what IS.

Now, with all that said, if you’d like to expand your sexual skills and discover how to give YOUR woman an intense squirting orgasm – go watch this video where you get to see an UNCENSORED demonstration of a man making a woman squirt hard…

Video Shows Man Giving Woman Squirting Orgasm

Talk soon,


PS – Yes, the woman in the video is a young gorgeous blond but this techniques works UNIVERSALLY on all women…

Including YOUR woman.

Discover how to make her experience an intense squirting orgasm by watching this video demonstration…

Man Reveals Technique For Squirting Orgasmsquirtinggirl squirting



Making A Girl Squirt

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