How To Make Her Squirt

Video Guide On How To Make A Woman Squirt Easily!
how to make a woman squirt


Chances are you’ve heard about (and probably seen) female ejaculation.

And chances are, if you haven’t personally given a woman a “squirting orgasm” yet, then you’re pretty damn curious about trying it.

Yes, it’s real, and yes, there are specific techniques that can help you learn how to make a girl squirt.

The fluid comes from the intra-urethral glands (sometimes called the “female prostate” or Skene’s glands), and when it starts to build up in the urethra during sexual excitation and G spot stimulation, a woman starts to feel the urge to pee.

Releasing this fluid during orgasm results in a powerful, full body, and generally pretty mind-blowing orgasm for your partner.



Quick and important note here:

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from men who feel inadequate, insecure, and frustrated because they haven’t ever made a woman squirt.

They ask me things like, “Is it true that female ejaculation is the most powerful type of orgasm?” or “If she doesn’t ejaculate does it mean she’s faking it?” or “Will a woman never be fully satisfied by her man if he can’t make her ejaculate?”

How To Make Women SquirtNo, no, NO!

NONE of those things are true.  

It is one of the unfortunate truths of all humans everywhere, that we’ll latch onto just about anything in order to prove to ourselves that we’re unworthy or inadequate.  

Don’t let yourself play that game.

Female ejaculation is GREAT!  As are all of the wonderful and pleasurable things that you and your partner can share together during love making.  PLEASE do not obsess over that one thing you haven’t done yet– WHATEVER that one thing may be.  

It’s so stupid to focus on the things we haven’t got in life rather than allow ourselves to fully feel the depth of gratitude for all of the things that are going great in our lives.

And now, with that out of the way, I love that you’re interested in learning how to give your woman this particular pleasure, and I’d love for you to succeed!  And that’s why I put a ton of great female ejaculation tips into Revolutionary Sex.

However, if you are a visual learner who understands how to do things best from watching someone else do it, then, as always, I recommend you check out my pal Jason Julius’s video guide to the “squirting” orgasm right here >>

I always recommend Jason’s stuff for 3 reasons…

1) We’re old friends.  So yes, I’m biased.

2) He’s a meticulous researcher and I love that… both for all of the details that he includes that other teachers sometimes miss– but even more so because of all of the complete bullshit that other people tell you that he leaves out!

3) I have no explicit video demonstrations in any of my programs, and I probably never will.  And I don’t have to, because I think it’s a very minor part of what helps a man become a great lover, and Jason is already shooting high quality video that I can recommend.

So my friend, if you still want a video “how to” guide for female ejaculation, then I recommend you check out this one:

Techniques for female ejaculation video >>

For Passion,

How To Make A Girl Squirt

PS: Wanna cut in line?

Last week I sent you the video on how to find your woman’s A-spot, otherwise known as her secret orgasm spot…

If you missed it, watch it here

I hope you got a lot out of it, and you should now know exactly where this special pleasure spot is located.

The A-spot, when stimulated correctly, can give her orgasms unlike anything she’s ever felt before.

And even cause her to squirt!

In fact it’s one of my personal favorite ways to get a woman to squirt.

Of course, the key here is “when stimulated correctly”…

I encourage you to try stimulating it in different ways and see what she responds to. Just make sure she’s in a highly aroused state before you start going at it—that’s very important.

Eventually, after enough trial and error, you should be able to figure it out.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d rather have someone show you exactly how to do it so there’s no guess work and you can skip all the trial and error stuff, right?

Kinda like cutting right to the front of the line. 

What you need to do is grab my Blueprint video training and skip right to the module all about the A-spot.

In it, I show you the exact stimulation techniques I use with every woman I’m with.

The success rate I have with these techniques is absolutely phenomenal, and I expect they’ll work the same for you.

Get the Squirting Orgasm Blueprint here.

Talk soon,
Jason Julius

how to make women squirt


PS: The best position to make her squirt

Hello again gorgeous! 

Jason Julius here with more sexy hot tips to drive her over the EDGE into a squirting orgasm… during SEX!

By now I hope you have gone and checked out my video on how to make her squirt.

I know you’ll want to learn all my juicy techniques that are g.uaranteed to make her squirt, and transform your s.ex life, just like the +100,000s of men and couples I’ve already helped.

So, go watch the VIDEO now!


Now I have something to tell you that will help you immensely in the bedroom.

Did you know that missionary is dead?

Well, it’s not actually dead, but it might as well be. That’s because traditional missionary position does very little to turn her on or stimulate her erogenous zones during sex.

But, here’s the thing.

With just a few simple adjustments to missionary, you can change boring into electrifying, which is guaranteed to rub her G-spot just the right way, with firm stimulation that strikes her G-spot with every thrust!

Female Ejaculation in womenYou will learn just what adjustments to make to missionary for mind blowing sex…


– 7 hot positions from simple to advanced that will give her squirting orgasms and make her come again and again.

– 2 modified doggie style positions that will unleash her animal side and transform ordinary doggie style into the wildest sex ever.

– Why woman on top is great for women and the important things you will learn by letting her take control.

Just by checking out my video now on how to make her squirt.

If you have been waiting for a special invitation to give her the most amazing s.ex she’s ever had and fulfill her every erotic desire… 

Then now is the time to take advantage of my years of learning and get with the program.

I know you want to give your partner throbbing orgasms and orgasmic bliss like she’s never had before.

So, check out the FREE video today before its too late and it is taken down.

Bring your sex life to new levels of ecstasy today!

So, I’m off to the salon to get my hair done for a special intimate dinner with my adorable husband Steve tonight. Wish us luck! Oysters and chocolate! YUM!


Jason Julius
#1 sex advisor to thousands of couples worldwide

P.S. Learn why many of my clients call my programs their “secret weapon” in the bedroom now!

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How To Make A Girl Squirt Video

How To Make A Woman Squirt

How To Make Her Squirt

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Making A Girl Squirt


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