Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts

Sex Position For Squirting Orgasms
how to make her squirthow to make a girl squirt



A lot of men are having tremendous success using this position to give their woman squirting orgasms.

See how the sex position works in this demonstration….


NOTE: Contains adult images


Making a woman squirt requires a very specific type of stimulation, in a very specific sequence to very specific parts of her body.

You can do this with your fingers…

OR you can do this during sex.

And trust me.

After you give your woman a squirting orgasm during sex – she’ll never look at you the same way again.

Giving her the intense whole-body type pleasure that comes from a squirting orgasm is like nothing else to a woman.

And after you deliver her this kind of pleasure – you will OWN her sexually.

And I mean that in a positive way.

Not in a controlling or negative way.

I mean in the kind of way where you’re her man and she’ll do anything to please you.

Being able to give a woman this kind of pleasure shows her that you’re a man who’s in control of himself and a man’s who’s mastered sexuality.

And not surprisingly women find this INCREDIBLY attractive and it’ll make her LOVE having sex with you.


Before you do ANYTHING ELSE.

Make sure you go watch the following video which reveals EXACTLY how to give your woman an intense squirting orgasm – through sex or fingering.

Watch the video here…

Real-life video demonstration of how to give a squirting orgasm

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PS – These squirting orgasm techniques are taught through VIDEO DEMONSTRATION.

That means you get to see the technique being performed (and working) on a REAL woman.

Watch how to copy these techniques in the video linked above…  how to make a woman squirtmaking a girl squirt




Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts


Making A Girl Squirt